Our Process in Short Term and Long Term Disability Claims

Ms. Patton recognizes that the facts and circumstance for every short and long term disability benefits claim is unique; therefore, Ms. Patton personalizes her representation to meet the needs of each individual client.

Initial Contact with Patton Law Offices

Ms. Patton encourages potential clients to call her office at 336-844-2870 or 888-877-1401 if they would like her to assist them with their claim in front of the Social Security Administration. You can also get into touch with Ms. Patton’s office through email at info@pattonlawnc.com or by visiting her office at 212 West Main Street, Elkin, NC 28621.

At the time of your initial contact Ms. Patton’s experienced staff will collect some general information about your claim from you; this allows her staff to determine what specific type of assistance you might need and if there are any deadlines that must be met to preserve your legal rights. They will then set up a short consultation, either by phone or in person, between you and Ms. Patton. Ms. Patton does not charge for this consultation. This short consultation allows Ms. Patton and her staff to gather information about your claim, answer your questions and give you important information about our office and the private disability claims process.
After we have completed this short interview and answered your questions we can complete the appropriate forms to appoint Ms. Patton as your attorney for your private disability benefits appeal. Ms. Patton can then proceed with assisting you in your claim. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have as we proceed with representation.

How We Help You

Once you have completed the appropriate forms and contracts, including the necessary authorizations, Ms. Patton can officially sign on as your attorney. At that point we will make your private disability provider aware that Ms. Patton is representing you in your appeal and start working towards a favorable resolution of your claim. Below are examples of how Ms. Patton and her staff assist you with your claim for private disability benefits once you have hired Ms. Patton to be your attorney:

  • We will assist you with completing the appropriate paperwork to preserve your appeal rights if you hire us before your deadline to appeal has expired.
  • We will develop the evidence that supports your claim for benefits. This generally includes demanding that the private disability provider provide us with a complete copy of all the information they already considered in your claim. It will also include gathering medical, school and employment records and/or affidavits from witnesses that will form a basis for the evidence that supports your claim.
  • We will review your claim at various points throughout the process and suggest ideas that could strengthen your claim for benefits when appropriate.
  • We will request letters or statements that support your claim for short or long term disability benefits from your medical or other providers when appropriate.
  • We will make the private disability company aware of new developments or evidence in your claim that could favorably affect the outcome of your claim when appropriate. We will request extensions to get further evidence as necessary.
  • Ms. Patton will prepare a written argument that outlines the arguments that form the theory of your claim and summarizes the evidence that supports your claim for benefits.
  • If your claim is not approved after your initial appeal Ms. Patton will review your claim and discuss your options with you. Many private disability providers offer a second level of administrative appeal that Ms. Patton can assist you with. After reviewing a denial Ms. Patton will explain your options so that you can make an informed decision. If you and Ms. Patton decide to proceed with a second appeal Ms. Patton will again prepare a written argument on your behalf, gather and submit any missing and/or relevant evidence and file the appeal when appropriate.
  • If your claim is not reverse and you have exhausted your administrative appeals Ms. Patton will discuss the options you have at this level and explain those options so that you can make an informed decision about how you will proceed. If you and Ms. Patton decide to proceed with filing a complaint before the Federal District Court Ms. Patton and her staff can assist you in this matter.

Ms. Patton recognizes that every case is different and that you need an attorney who will not treat you like a number. Ms. Patton and her staff recognize that the facts and circumstances of each case are unique. They will take the time to get to know you and learn about the specifics of your claim. Ms. Patton recognizes that the details do matter.

Ms. Patton and her staff are also committed to providing their clients with good customer service and are committed to answering your questions and/or returning your calls and emails in a prompt and efficient manner. You will deal directly with Ms. Patton and her experienced staff throughout your claim. Most importantly, Ms. Patton and her experienced staff will be on your side, committed to winning your claim and getting you the benefits you deserve.

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